Sunday, November 15, 2009

'2012', Roland Emmerith

As always happens when approaching the provided date of end of the world by any religion or ancient civilization, the American film industry creates a movie about this.

And we know that Hollywood spends millions for showing the most spectacular special effects. If a plane has to pass through the head of a needle, Hollywood does, and if a car has to pass through a big building with dozens of plants that is collapsing, Hollywood does, if is necessary to ignore the laws of physics , Hollywood does. So are these films: many effects, many of topics, but little realism and originality. And better not to enter in geological issues that make the movie even more unlikely.

This time, the American hero is the character played by John Cusack, a normal American, divorced, trying to spend more time with their children, no job too stable, but able to move land, sea and air (I say this not only in figuratively) to save his family. I didn't believe his character neither the rest of the cast.

In addition, 2012 offers cinema's first black president of the United States: Danny Glover is the image of Barack Obama. And, yes, I know that Hollywood does not care if the president is a Democrat, Republican, black or white. The president of the Great Nation always, always, always have to be a great patriot would do anything for the good of his citizens. God bless America!

As entertainment, 2012 works (the effects, you know), but it's not a great movie. I thing this film is a futuristic reinvention of the Flood with high budget but little logic.

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